Hero of A Shattered Time: First Look

Hey guys! I thought that I should show you a preview of my novel. I hope you like it. So here is your first look at Hero of a Shattered Time!

Forbes was specially trained for espionage.  His cybernetic implants made sure he could do his job efficiently. They were the best in the business. His records said he was the top of his class and adored by his instructors. He graduated valedictorian and was sent to espionage training. In 3 years, he was fully trained and his implants had fully adjusted.

Forbes hit the elevator button as he closed his profile on his personal interface. He pressed the button for “CONTROL ROOM.” When the elevator stopped, he exited into a large white tile room lined with computer stations with a holographic globe in the middle with a control interface surrounding it. A man in office wear stopped him and said, “Forbes, The Boss needs to speak with you in the meeting room.” “On My way.”, Forbes replied. Forbes walked down a hall at the right back of the room and entered a wooden door.