A Brand New Start

Hello Everyone! It is good to be back. Again, I profusely apologize for the drought that is my blog, lol. In all honesty I have to admit how new I am to this. It’s a form communication I am not familiar with. However, to my detriment; I decided that the best way to learn how to blog, was to never try.

Today I have decided to put this all the rest. I hope from this moment on to make a post about my writing every month. In addition to this I’m planning to release content in my website weekly, such as short stories, articles, and other pieces of writing.

Now that I have that out of the way, I have something to ask you guys. I’ll need you all to help me with this. I need you, my readers, to help me with keeping this commitment. You can do this by private messaging me on any of my social media accounts or sending an email. Just send over a word of advice or encouragement. Some days that’s all I need to get out of Writer’s Block. You are part of this journey too, and so I want you guys to be an active part of this, if your willing.

If you have any blogging advice I’m all ears. We can finish this journey together. As a writer I’ve forgotten the most important ingredient to being one: The reader. So, with all that said, I hope this will be a new beginning of this blog. A new start to my writing career. I thank all of you for you’re support, and I hope it will continue. Here’s to a bright future.