Epic Of Erandayn: Book I Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from the fantasy novel I’m working on! Hope you enjoy!

[ Lorthandros stood up and wiped his eyes. He had done it. He exited the Mausoleum with a feeling of peace. He walked back to the gate the led to the main courtyard. He waltzed up the marble steps, filled with glee.

As he entered the vast Great Hall, a figure met his gaze and walked towards him. His hair was long and black. He wore a suit of armor, like Lorthandros. A scarlet cape hung behind. “Well if it isn’t Ryegiriel of House Olmenhalth! Commander of His Majesty’s Forces! What brings you here?”, Lorthandros’s voice echoed through the hall.

The other gave a bow. “I come bearing gifts, my dear friend.” He gestured to the double doors behind. Servants, Soldiers, and Townspeople, marched through the opening door. Cheers reverberated off the walls. “Hail to The Crown Prince! Hail to Lorthandros, Heir to The Throne!” Hail to The Patron of House Falthayar!”, the throng repeated.

When they reached Lorthandros, they set the gifts in front him. Ryegiriel turned to him. “I bring these gifts to for two purposes. One, to celebrate the coronation of The Heir to The Throne!”, the crowd cheered. “All Hail the King! All Hail the King!”, they shouted. Ryegiriel waved his arms to quiet them. “Two, to commemorate the unfortunate death of our beloved king.”, the room was silent.

“May his sacrifice be remembered. The trolls are running scared. They retreat to their caves. I have faith that this bloody conflict is coming to an end. May Ealfaedron; Lord of The Realm, rest in peace in the arms of The Creator, Amen.” “Amen.”, the crowd echoed.

“Well. Let us not dwell on past sorrows. Let the celebration begin!”, The multitude roared at Ryegiriel’s words. The crowd broke up as everyone diverted to their assigned tasks. This was going to be a night to remember.

The excitement of the people could not be contained. They cheered and roared as they entered the large oaken dining hall. Blue banners hung on the wall. On them was stitched the coat of arms of Falthayar. A great golden dragon, which held tight to a silver cross by its claws.  

Lorthandros found his seat at the far end of the table. It was adorned form end to end with luscious pigs and turkeys, crisp vegetables and fruits, followed by the finest cheeses and the sweetest wines of the realm.

Ryegiriel found a seat beside his friend. “Is this not a feast!”, he shouted over the loud crowds. “Indeed, my friend. The heroic deeds of My Father, and your men shall be remembered!”, Lorthandros replied. “If it were not for the leadership of my King, what victory would there be?”, Ryegiriel nudged him in the side. “Stand up my friend, Give us a speech!”

“Now Ryegiriel, you know how terrible I am at this. You’re the one who’s good with words remember?” Ryegiriel smirked at his friend’s answer. He grabbed Lorthandros arm and yanked him to his feet. “Everyone!”, the crowd subdued. “Your new king has something to say!”, the crowd roared. “Speech! Speech! Speech!”, they yelled.

Lorthandros yanked free. The crowd hushed at the sight of him. “My people.”, he began, this is glorious day. This is a day of rejoicing. For the enemy has been defeated. The mighty Troll army has fled back to their desolate caves and wastes!”, the crowd cheered. The war has been won. It is over.”, he lowered his head.

“However, for every sweet victory, a bitter price must be paid. Many a good boy and man, lost their lives to drive the evil from our lands. Even our beloved king was not spared such a fate. He gave his life bravely in that fateful and final battle. May he find peace in the arms of his creator, Amen.” “Amen, the crowd repeated. Lorthandros lifted his head. “Yet for every lament there is greater joy! Tonight, we celebrate a new era. A realm devoid of the perils of war. Let us feast no in celebration of life and not death! Let the festivities begin!”, the crowd’s exaltation reverberated of the walls. “All Hail the King! ]