Modern Love Story Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from my Modern Love Story. I hope you enjoy! Forgive the lack of any real title, lol. I’m still working on it.

[ The life of newspaper Steven J Harcourt was a busy one. As the head columnist at the newspaper, his responsibilities were endless. He often thought about the progress he made in just two years. The transition to The Big Apple had not been easy.

Once ready, Steven exited his apartment and locked the door behind him. As he walked down the hallway, he heard keys rustling and clinking together. He passed a man fiddling with the lock. “Privyet, Mr. Harcourt. How are you today, the man asked? Steven stopped and bent in front of the lock. “I’m  doing alright. Doing better than you Mr Ivanovich, it looks like.”, the man cursed in Russian.

 “Aye, this lock keeps sticking because of the frigid temperatures on this floor! I’d complain to the landlord if it wasn’t the cheapest complex in Brooklyn!”, Steven sighed, “Well yeah, you know what they say about beggars and choosers. The latter usually have more opportunity. Mr Ivanovich grunted and stood erect., “Right you are comrade! Have yourself a good today, filled with good wine and good women!”

He shook Steven’s hand with a mighty grip. Steven winced with pain. He patted the short man in the shoulder. “Well I got to go Sasha. See you around.”, he turned and started his walk again. The portly man returned to his work. “Have a good one!”, he shouted. Steven adjusted his coat as he entered the elevator. He wondered what a day like this would behold.]