Bicycle Wrecks: Why “Hero of A Shattered Time” won’t be my debut novel.

Hello, readers! It’s good to be back, once again. Here is my post for this month as promised.

I’d like to to begin this post with a simple illustration. I think we can all remember when we first learned to ride a bike. We were so excited to get hoisted by our parents on to the seat. Thrilled to grab those handles and press our feet against the pedals!

Our exciting journey usually left us face down in the grass ten feet from the driveway. With our right knee skinned and tears on our cheeks. That day we learned that riding a bike, wasn’t so simple. We realized that it took time, dedication and practice. Our future bike rides got better and better, until we could ride just fine, without help from parents or training wheels.

I have found my writing journey to be very similar to the familiar scenario of riding a bicycle. Allow me to explain my point.

I started my writing journey officially in May of 2017. It began with me writing my first draft of my first novel: Hero of a Shattered Time. Before I had even finished writing it; I announced my plans to become an author on Facebook and launched my website. Doesn’t that sound exciting? It did to seventeen year old me, for sure. However, I did not know the massive undertaking that would lie ahead.

By August of 2017, I had finished my first draft. I had written my very own book. It was amazing to me at the time. Although it had come together months ahead of schedule, I couldn’t be more excited to have a finished novel.

Once the excitement died down, the thoughts of what to do next came to mind. “What do you do after you finish your book?” What do you do if it seems too short.” “How to you revise your novel.” After consulting several sources I decided the best thing to do was set it aside for a while. A tried a true method used by many authors. It lasted nine days. On the 25th of August I read my novel for the first time.

At the time the story was still pretty fresh. It hadn’t quite been long enough for me to notice anything much wrong with it. Despite this unknown fact, I began the revision process. I started by going through my novel and marking various places I thought I should fix. This didn’t take too long, and soon I had begun my second draft.

Revising the pieces of a story I called a “novel” was the hardest part of my writing journey so far. There was so much work to be done, and it left me overwhelmed. So, I set aside. I didn’t write for a long time after that. When I finally did return to writing, it was to work on other projects. I casually forgot that “Hero of A Shattered Time”, had ever been written. I would say to myself I would get back to it, but I never did.

It was not until November of 2018 until I drug out my novel again. This time I was determined to finish it. I took about a week to re revise. I was finally far enough from writing it to know what it needed. And boy did it need help. I soon found myself back at square one, paralyzed by the amount of work. I was no less determined though. I was going to finish it. It would be published.

But it didn’t happen that way. Why, you may ask? Well you see, life happens. Your’e make college decisions. You struggle with what you think God’s plan is for your life. You meet someone, but it all falls to pieces. When I started this, I didn’t count on how much my everyday life, could have drastic affects on how my writing journey went.

By the time 2019 made it’s debut, I was doing a lot better. Personal wounds had healed. I was writing again. It certainly wasn’t everyday, but what I did almost once of month had value. I loved writing again. I’m still trying to get back to writing regularly, I hope to be writing on a daily basis soon.

All that aside, I have made a decision in light of my tumultuous writing journey. That “Hero of A Shattered Time.”, will not be my debut novel. In fact, I’m not sure what will be. It’s really to early to tell, and has been for two years

. I can think of many authors who’s first published work, was not their first ever work. There are others in the literature, who had lost projects that were published after death. I found myself in the past month having to accept that “Hero” did not have to be my first published novel. And I find myself to be completely OK with that.

It reminds of my faith journey. I haven’t known all the steps that God wants me to take in the future, but Iv’e trusted him all the same. He has so many great things in store for me, and I don’t have to know any of them right now.

So for now, with all of this in mind; I have decided that now is just the time to write the stories I want to write. It’s not a time to get something ready for publication. It’s not time to find the keys to success. It’s time to do what I love, and everything after that will come when it comes. It’s that simple/

I want to personally thank all of you, for sticking with me on this journey. A lot of you have been here from the beginning. Some of you are here for the first or second time, I welcome you. I said on my Instagram page once : “Always remember this in life: How important it is to never give up on your dreams, no matter how difficult they seem.” Again, Thank You for your support. Here’s to a Bright Future.