Current Projects

*titles are subject to change throughout the initial writing process

Hero of a Shattered Time

Set in Europe in the 2040’s. Hero of a Shattered Time, follows the story of Agent Forbes 112. A young spy employed by The Collective Union. This thrilling saga follows Forbes’s long journey, as he discovers the truth about himself and the world around him.

The Epic of Erandayn Book I: The Warriors’ Exodus

The first entry in an epic fantasy saga, The Warriors’ Exodus tells the story of King Lorthandros of Falthayar and his companions, as they begin their journey to reclaim the ancient sword called Aernylcaroth. A sword that will save the world from certain destruction, and defeat the forces of evil.

Untitled Modern Love Story

This story revolves around the life of newspaper columnist and aspiring novelist; Steven Jerome Harcourt. The story takes a dramatic turn when Steven meets Jennifer, an aspiring blind artist. They’re unlikely meeting and companionship, develops into something that neither one expected.