Future Projects

*titles are subject to change throughout the initial writing process

Guardian Angel

This story follows the life of Darci, a 16-year-old girl contemplating suicide. In a different time and place, A young angel named Lucius discovers Darci and what she’s going through; He leaves heaven determined to save her from suicide. This story details their relationship.

El Santuario

A story about the adventures and exploits of The Straight Shooter Six; a band of cowboys led by a Texas marshal named Rutherford Red McClain.

Private Detective Story

A story involving a private investigator named Mary Beret. It is set in 1950’s Las Vegas

Time Travel Story 

In this story, a corporation makes time travel possible. 4 subjects are hired to test the technology. The subjects participate in several tests, but are warned of the ramifications of altering the space-time continuum. One night, the 4 subjects break into the testing facility. They place and power the equipment beyond recommended specifications. They enter 4-time periods and alter them. The scientists hire 6 teens in hopes to stop them.